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The Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club was formed on August 14th, 1991, by four friends who had been riding motorcycles for several years. They decided that forming a motorcycle club in Harrisburg was a good idea and would provide an opportunity to prove to the community that motorcycle riders are "Good Guys". By joining together, they could organize trips within the state or out of state, and meet other motorcycle clubs. In addition, they could support Harrisburg area organizations that assist under-privileged children, senior citizens, the homeless, and any other groups that might need help. On August 14, 1991, an election was held for president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The elected officers then nominated members for road captain, pace setters and flanker positions; the roles of these road officers being to ensure safe riding formations on the highway.

The motorcycle club was named Buffalo Soldiers in honor of the calvary regiments composed of Afro-Americans that helped tame the Western Frontier. The name Buffalo Soldiers was given to those brave men by the American Indians. Originally, the buffalo was chosen as the center logo for members denim jackets. Shortly thereafter, the club decided to change the logo to a buffalo head balanced on calvary sabres.

After naming the club, the members immediately began drafting club by-laws.

The only requirement to join the Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club is to have a motorcycle of at least 650cc's and to be willing to honor the club by-laws. Members of the club own all types of motorcycles, for example: Harley-Davidson's, Honda's, Yamaha's and Suzuki's.

Each member is issued the top and bottom rockers of the colors upon initiation.  He is then placed on probation for several months.  At the end of the probation period each member is issued the buffalo head which complete colors. The Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club has grown since 1991.  Initially, the club consist solely of male members and a Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club Auxiliary formed (April, 1996) made up of the members' significant others. The Club now has Several female riders in the club as members.  In 1998 the Buffalo Soldiers acquired a club house in Harrisburg and treat it and the neighborhood in which it belongs with the utmost respect.

Initially the club planned not to have any chapters, however in 2000 the club grew by expanding our membership base to Pittsburgh, PA thus creating a chapter there.  In 2004 another chapter was opened in Philadelphia, PA.  We now have three chapters.

The utmost importance is given to good member standing and behavior while representing the club, and each member strives to make the club more respected in the community; the goal to be recognized on the road with a heartfelt" There Goes One Of The Buffalo Soldiers; One of the "Good Guys".

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